Mattel perceives diversity as part of its strategy and is core to every activity the organization undertakes. In addition to diversity, the organization is devoted to the process of inclusion, which enables the diverse workforce to function smoothly. Diversity within Mattel has several roles. The first role is avoiding losses that could have been incurred by manufacturing culturally insensitive products. When Mantel wanted to manufacture Dolls for the African-America market, it needed a cultural perspective that would help it serve the needs of the market better.  Due to its diverse workforce, it was able to seek advice from its African-American Employee Resource group. The group provided unique advice that led to the success of the product. Another role played by diversity and inclusion at Mattel is expanding the Company’s consumer base. The diverse employees help in reaching out to the consumer groups they represent. Moreover, the presence of a diverse workforce at Mattel helps the company to effectively cater for the ever-evolving needs of its customers by providing insights to their cultural values and needs.

Mattel promotes a diverse workforce through various means. One such means is the internship program through its relationship with INROADS. This internship program is developed to promote the inclusion of youths from minority communities in both business and community leadership. These minority youths get a chance to participate in a leadership development opportunity that is unique. Instead of the company outsourcing, it utilizes its current employees to tap talents from the outside. To motivate them in their work, they are paid for every successful talent they bring in to the company. The leader’s diversity philosophy is that every employee is a player who make the diversity and inclusion strategy successful. Diversity management will be achieved through focusing on perspectives, people, products and partners.


At Zappos, diversity is very important and the company realizes the power it has to drive business. One of the factors that indicate how diversity is important is the way cultural fit is emphasized. Prospective employees must go through an interview that tries to determine their cultural fit. This interview establishes whether a given employee’s culture and values match with those of Zappos and to what extent. Moreover, the interval between the first cultural fit interview and the next is big. This means that managers take cultural fit seriously to the extent that they spend a considerable amount of time deciding the eligible candidates. Moreover, Zappos is committed to providing equal opportunities for all. Therefore, diversity plays a very critical role in shaping the culture of the organization. Zappos commitment to diversity ensures that its environment is non-discriminatory, provides every employee with a serene and friendly working atmosphere. Consequently, employees’ interaction is improved, which further leads to cohesion and strengthening teams.

Diversity combined with the autonomy given to employees at Zappos creates a wide platform for generation of ideas. Diverse employees provide Zappos with a wide variety of methods of solving problems such as in the customer call center where employees use their imagination to solve the customers’ problems. Therefore, Zappos is committed to diversity and promotes it by hiring people from diverse backgrounds and providing them with equal opportunities. The leader’s philosophy is that diversity of the organization‘s employees is a useful asset. Zappos does not outsource, but rather runs all its affairs internally to ensure quality service to its customers.


DreamWorks has been listed by the fortunes magazine as one of the top hundred best places to work in. This listing is recognition of the quality of the workforce at DreamWorks studio.  At DreamWorks studio, diversity in various ways is evident.  First, the success of the studio has been made possible by a combination of technical, sales and marketing departments. This diverse combination of departments has created synergy required to ensure that the end product is of high quality and reaches the target customers. The collaboration of workers from these three departments, who have diverse knowledge and experience, enables DreamWorks to achieve the innovation required to produce its film series.

From the collaboration of the three departments and their employees, it is clear that DreamWorks promotes diversity, which in turn drives its success. The inclusion of diversity in an organization can, therefore, bring about innovation that provides an organization with competitive advantage over its rivals. The role of diversity is to harness innovation and ensure quality products are manufactured.The philosophy of the leader’s regarding diversity is that creativity and innovation means nothing without a diverse workforce and diverse departments. The diversity of the workforce creates innovation while the departments create channels through which the innovation is harnessed. The technical department ensures quality films are produced while the sales and marketing departments connect the film with market. Therefore, diversity at DreamWorks is experienced both from the employees’ perspective and departments’ perspective. DreamWorks does not outsource service of other organizations, but manufactures and carries out all its activities. The reason for not outsourcing could the need to control the quality of the final product.



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