Django Unchained 2012

Django Unchained 2012

Django Unchained is an interesting movie that elaborates the theme of slavery through Django’s experiences and adventures. The interesting part of this movie to me was how Django’s role changed from that of a slave to a bounty hunter. The most pleasing moment was when Django was unchained by Schulz to accompany him on his mission to hunt down the Brittle brothers. The turn of events is interesting because Django was destined to be a slave for life, but gained his freedom even before reaching his master’s destination.

My preferred part from this movie was the manner in which Schulz showed respect for Django, despite being a white man. Other white people despised the blacks and viewed them as slaves, undeserving of human respect. When Schulz was confronted by white people for allowing Django into a hotel, Schulz convincingly saved Django from the angry mob by explaining to people about his government-initiated mission to hunt down criminals (Django Unchained, 2012).

The scene I hated most in the movie involved the killing of a slave by Calvin Candie for refusing to fight. Candie fed the slave to the dogs, which tore him apart. His attitude towards the slaves was disgusting because he treated them inanimate objects rather than human beings. Although slaves were meant to serve the white people, they deserved respect as human beings. The slaves were forcefully brought to America and did not wrong the white people. Therefore, the slaves deserved to be treated with respect and dignity.

The most effective and interesting performers in the movie were Django and Schulz. Django demonstrated exceptional courage throughout the movie. He set himself apart from other black people until white men started respecting him. On the other hand, Schulz was effective in convincing people that Django was a free man despite their disapproval. Although he was ruthless, he managed to portray his friendly side to Django.

I disliked Stephen for his mistreatment and betrayal of other black people. Under normal circumstances, he should have been interested in helping the black people because he was one of them. However, he became brainwashed and turned against his fellow black people by exposing them to Candie. His bootlicking character came out clearly when he suspected that Broomhilda and Django were acquaintances. Despite his suspicion being true, he should have restrained from selling Django out to Candie. However, Stephen did not care about anything else apart from favors from his master Candie.

Django unchained is a very inspiring movie whose setting provokes our memories to flashback in time to the slavery days. The movie’s inspiration comes from the resilient nature of the black people in their fight for their freedom. The mistreatment received by the black people during slavery was meant to break their spirits. However, Django portrays black people’s willpower to gain freedom through resilience and determination. The movie is very effective in bringing out historical issues that affected the black people during the slavery days. One such issue that would not have been so obvious was the collaboration of some slaves with their masters to mistreat other slaves. The role played by Stephen depicted this sad reality. Another issue that was brought out by the move was that not all white people hated African Americans. Schulz friendly gestures towards Django and his willingness to help him gain his freedom succeeded in bringing out the good side of some white people.


Django Unchained (2012).


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