Does our national media play a role in the war on terrorism.Discuss

There are ongoing debates about Terrorism and the Media. The main focus of these deliberations often focuses on the goals of the terrorists. It would be best to agree that the objective(s) of any terrorist, either individual or group, is to capture the largest audience. Their means in doing that include, but are not limited to current technology, print, internet, generic news broadcast, hawala (money exchange dated back to the 8th century), radio, and homes of prayer/worship. As we examine the current events in these areas, ask yourself, does our national media play a role in the war on terrorism?

Media in its most generic form is a means to disperse information to a large influence of people. It is a business, not unlike any other its purpose is to make money. There are numerous tactics in any industry in which to raise money, but its a clear that the more ratings any media source earns, the more profitable the bottom line is. So where are the boundaries? Or are there any?

In a well thought out essay, no more than 4 pages, explain how the American media plays into the topic of Domestic Terrorism. Ask yourself questions like, why are some attacks media worthy, whereas others remain uncovered? What (or who) decides which attacks are successful and which are a failure? Does the media coverage provide a terrorist agenda with a means to convey their political or religious message to a mass audience, or have we provided that avenue readily and without adequate appraisal. Does this form of education desensitize the masses and allow social responsibility to fail and situational awareness to become void, or has the majority of our society grown paranoid and maniacal from the exposure?

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