domestic terrorism


There lacks one single definition of terrorism. However, we may borrow a definition from the F.B.I where they define terrorism as an unlawful act where there is incorporation of force to ensure that violence is exerted to both people and property with an aim of intimidation or coercing the government. Civilians may also be part of these groups, the main issue making sure that that the individuals involved in these activities meet there political or sometimes social objectives.

Terrorism may be divided to international/overseas terrorism or domestic terrorism. Further classification may come about from the origin of the group as well as the objectives of these particular groups. In United States, F.B.I has various definition of terrorism. Domestic terrorism is a group of individuals or individuals who do not have any foreign orientation. These individuals or groups of people include even people in Puerto Rico whose terrorist activities are meant to affect the United States government or the general population of United States. On the other hand, international terrorism also called overseas terrorism takes place when a group of people or an individual uses unlawful acts and exerts their terrorist activities to foreign territories, or beyond their geographical boundaries.  The attacks may involve people and property with the sole aim of intimidation or coercing the government, or even the civilian population.

Terrorist types

There are several types of terrorism; researchers have been keen to note down the various developments that these groups have incorporated as far as techniques of work are concerned. Some of the techniques incorporated in the recent years include bombing, kidnapping of diplomatic leaders as well as assassination of some of the influential individuals. Distinguishing these different groups of terrorist groups was primarily meant to understand these terrorist groups and to deter them from their activities.

State terrorist is one of such groups. Though it has always been believed that terrorist groups comprises of non-state terrorist, some states would be considered to be carrying out terrorism activities. The state can use force or issue a threat of the same in an attempt to intimidate their citizens to follow whatever motive they want to drive through. A good example of the same is the Nazi rule in Germany, which exerted threats of fear to its citizens (Zalman, 2011). Some states can also be considered as international terrorist judging by the type of activities they get involved into. United States considers Iran as one state which practices these due to the fact that it helps some groups like Hizballah carry out their objectives, which are considered terrorist in nature.

Bioterrorist is the other group of terrorist. It comprises a group of people who are involved in intentionally releasing toxic and harmful agents to cause harm to the civilians. Depending with the type of toxics that will be released to the environment, disease may be broken down to various categories. Examples of these toxic diseases include the following:  Smallpox, Anthrax or even Botulism. Cyber terrorist forms the other type of terrorism commonly used by terrorist. It entails wide usage on information technology with aim of making sure that they draw the attention of the civilians. Cyber terrorism entails carrying out an attack by first using information technology, which in this case may mean usage of telecommunication and computers as tools of pulling out their attacks.  At times, individuals or groups involved in these activities tend to disrupt the networks services set aside in a radical manner such that even the emergency services are not assessable. Hacking into networks in bid to intimidate individuals or carry out terrorist activities may further constitute to cyber terrorism. Ecoterrorism is also another type of terrorism in the world today.  It entails violence that is carried out in the environment. The extremist involved in these activities are after making sure that they exert economic damage on those companies they perceive harmful to the environment and the animals.  Examples of the targets include companies involved in researching about animals as well as those companies that use logs of wood. Nuclear terrorism forms yet another type of terrorist group. As a type of terrorism, it may be carried in different ways. One of such is carrying out direct attacks on nuclear facilities in bid to cause effect on population once these substances reach people. They may also make nuclear weapons that may be used to cause harm to the general population (Zalman, 2011).

Fighting against terrorism

There is need to purse some of these activities carried out by extremist groups. There is therefore the necessity to ensure that their activities are curbed and there is disruption of their deadly actions. Discussed below is the main way of limiting their activities. The first and foremost is ensuring that there is intelligence about the activities of these groups and individuals. For one, terrorists are very secretive when carrying out their activities and the only way to ensure that their activities are minimized is ensuring that there is a use of the intelligence gained about these people or group of individuals.  Intelligence in this case includes knowledge about their network, the members and the way these people carry out their activities. Since there is much improvement on the networks of these terrorist groups, the government efforts have increased in providing resources that help to learn more about the activities of these groups (Windon, 2007).

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