Drawing Conclusions & Taking a Position

So far, we have reviewed the 10K statements for Costco, Target, and Walmart on SEC Edgar, using that information to populate the Comprehensive Case Template which has been posted on Blackboard. The template provided an overview of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement from the last two years for each company.
Additionally, we have written cases analyzing their profitability, credit risk, earnings per share, asset management, and related metrics.
Furthermore, we have prepared a forecast of the financial statements using the information obtained on Bloomberg and the financial analysis we have previously conducted.
Finally, we have completed various financial models to arrive at valuations for which we have prepared cases.
Using the information from the Comprehensive Case Template, first Written Case, Financial Forecast, Modeling and Valuation, as well as your understanding of the principles covered in the text and lecture, prepare a 2 page (maximum) written case which answers these questions about your opinions on Costco Wholesale:
Modules Assignment
 How did the results from the various valuation models compare to one another? What do you believe were the reasons for the differences?
 Given the current stock price for your company, are they overvalued or undervalued? Why?
 Which valuation model(s) did you use to arrive at this conclusion? Why?
 What investment decision is suggested from your results? Buy or Sell? Convince us why!

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