Early Childhood Case study

The staff, family, and school district evaluators feel the most important goal for Marco is to learn prerequisite behaviors, such as paying attention during conversations and using language to initiate social exchanges, waiting, sharing, and turn taking. It is very important for him to reduce atypical behaviors and increase appropriate interactive and play behaviors. The staff would like your team to help them with strategies to address how to:
Answer Questions:
• maintain Marco’s attention, motivation and performance on tasks, given his impulsivity and distractibility
• increase Marco’s ability to express perceptual/fine motor skills in tasks such as drawing, puzzles, block building and other coordinated activities
• increase Marco’ typical social interactions through appropriate social and language modeling
• arrange the environment to maximize developmentally appropriate learning opportunities
• make appropriate modifications and accommodations to the classroom curriculum

• Additionally, Mr. and Mrs. Munos would like to know how to explain their child’s disability to their family members. No one in the family knows of any other children in their community with autism and it is frightening to them. They would also like to know what to expect in the future, what they should do for kindergarten and how to help Marco make friends.
• Lastly, Marco’s parents are requesting suggestions of what further assessments should be conducted to measure Marco’s goals listed in his IEP.

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