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Persuasive Report

Word Limit: 1500
Task written report, fully referenced, with bibliography.

Role: You are the Advisor to the Treasury.
Scenario: As an advisor to the Treasury, you have been requested to suggest policies that will aid the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) in achieving their goals, furthermore, you will suggest policies to the government that will maintain our economic growth.
Task: In the multimodal to the government, you will analyse and evaluate the predicted success of your policies in relation to:
The stability of the Australian currency
The maintenance of full employment in Australia
The economic prosperity and welfare of the Australian people
Furthermore, you will suggest changes to policies (if any) that will maintain the governments mandate.

Some suggested references include;

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Becker C and D Fabbro (2006), Limiting Foreign Exchange Exposure through Hedging: The Australian Experience, Reserve Bank Research Discussion Paper 2006-09.
Full Employment Retrieved 14 May 2017 from
Reserve Bank of Australia, retrieved 15 May 2017 from

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