An term paper that focuses on: role of economics in decision making( 3 legs of the stool of organizational structure), foundations of demand and supply, importance of market structures, economics of strategy, incentive conflicts, contracts, and organizational architecture, first leg of the stool- decision rights, and second leg of the stool-methods of reward. Apply in the setting of your current or past employer (I currently manage a fitness center, anything to do with health and fitness would be great but I also have a military background with extensive work experience in the defense industry (i.e. Lockheed Martin), whichever is easier for you would be fine). In this paper you will focus on the following:
1. Provide a description of the company that you work(ed) for. As part of your description include a discussion of the type of organizational structure.
2. Describe an agency problem within the firm and discuss what you think is causing the problem and how the problem might be better controlled.
3. Describe the job dimensions of the firm and discuss whether or not you believe the current design is appropriate for the firm. Discuss any suggestions you might have for improving the job design. Grouped by function or by product or geography or a matrix organization? Provide a diagram if helpful to illustrate. Is this organization effective?
4. Describe the compensation package for executives and employees within the firm. Discuss whether or not you believe that the compensation package is effective and any suggestions that you might have for improving the compensation package.

While these questions focus on the latter half of the course, you should remain mindful of the economic concepts that were developed in the beginning of the course. An “A” paper will demonstrate a thorough understanding of the relevant topics, completely discuss each of the four points of the paper, use terminology appropriate to the topic, and use word choice, spelling, and sentence structure appropriate for graduate-level work.
Specific Formatting Instructions
1. Assignment must be completed as Word document

2. All assignments must be prepared in the APA format, including references.

3. Cover page. Use a single cover page that contains:
a. the title of the assignment
b. your name

4. Margins. All page margins should be the default margins for your word processing program. Use only the LEFT margin justification setting.

5. Page numbering. Please use page numbering for all pages except the cover page.

6. Spacing/Font. All papers should be single-spaced only (this includes spacing between paragraphs) and a 12 point font.

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