Education- assessment through observation- fo

Research essay- assessment in the classroom through observation focusing on literacy- “Phonics” targeting three specific children in a P1 primary class( age 5-6) . That is my topic but I would also have to have an inquiry question from topic area. There are three different parts to essay which I will send on to you as instructions/criteria.

The focus are should be on a professional enquiry as a means of developing learning approaches and theory in practice
Identify a specific area of your professional practice and to design an enquiry question which is informed by a review of literature and aspects of your practice
You are required to design a small professional enquiry based on your chosen topic. plan must be justified with reference to relevant literature and it should be underpinned by appropriate qualitative enquiry methodology and data collection tools

Critically analyse and review the data that has been collected as a result of your professional enquiry.

Also identify the next steps for future practice. These findings may be appropriately presented.
ions 1,2,3 as above and follow marking criteria

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