education, law, mental health, technology

SurprisedBelow are the requirements in outline form for the mini-project. What you need to include in the proposal follows this outline:

1.Research and then pick a contemporary problem that involves attention and perception – as cognitive processes.

2. Then you must pick the combination of two settings, which are the focus of the problem (such as education and technology).

3. Apply the foundational theories specific to attention and perception in your analysis and evaluation of the real world situation to devise an appropriate solution, which will offer socially responsible strategies and techniques to address the problem.

Your proposal must include:

1. Identify and explain the contemporary problem and how it relates to attention and perception.
2. It should identify the two settings, and explain how the problem fits in with the settings, and why you are interested in this problem.

All solutions must stem out of your knowledge of the fundamental theories of cognitive psychology.

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