Education Theories

1) What is a psychosocial crisis?<br>
2) Describe and explain the consequences of a positive and negative resolution of two of Erikson’s Eight Stages of Man?<br>
3) According to Vygotsky, how does culture influence cognitive development?<br>
4) Define and give an example of scaffolding and ZPD?<br>
5) Explain one of Lazlo’s Four Properties of Systems.<br>
6) Define and give an example of self-organization.<br>
7) Describe the basic task of life, according to Frankl.<br>
8) Define freedom and tragic optimism, according to Frankl.<br>
9) Choose psychosocial theory, cognitive historical theory, or dynamic systems theory. Briefly outline the chosen theory’s strengths and weaknesses and explain why or why not you agree with the theory (or what parts of theory you agree/disagree with and why).<br>
reference (Barbara M. Newman, Philip R. Newman) </p>

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