This paper has been written by a writer from this website with an ID: 35930. After I submitted it for feedback, I requested for revision and was told to make another other and pay for it as revision is covered for 14 days after order was sent. Below is the feedback on the previous work done by the above mentioned writer:\”You still do not seem to understand the basic requirement of the practical project for which this is a proposal. The project MUST contain a practical element. You are expected to actually do something using computer technology as part of the project. Usual examples include make a web site, build a database, produce a set of spreadsheets. You can also do a network design and implementation or some other hardware related project as long as you can clearly evidence the work done. What you have written here does not actually say anything at all about using computers for the project. You could do this project for a Business course but it is not appropriate for Computing.If you wish to do a project that is related to e-marketing, then that is fine but it must include you producing some computer base e-marketing solution, such as a web site. Just discussing different e-marketing methods would form part of this, mainly in the lit. review, but you must build something using computer technology.You should reconsider what you hope to do for your project and decide what practical product you will produce. The re-do the Research Skills assignment, clearly showing what product you will build and how this relates to the research part of the project.\”In the light of the above. I designed a website (www.kentiquebookstore.com) for my last module titled \”Online Business Solutions\”. I used WordPress to develop it and I passed that course. Is there a way I could add any eMarketing tool to the site and make references to it in this work you\’ve done. Or something.

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