Electronic Medical Record

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Find the attachments for complete requirements

Case study 1 – Electronic Medical Record
(Please refer to the PDF with name CASE STUDY EMR for detailed description of the topic)
Please read the EXEMPLAR PDF before starting and use the graphs and tables as shown in the exemplar wherever it is required.
Word count
70% of the total semester marks.
Referencing style
APA 6th edition
Articles must be peer reviewed, And must be less than 5 years(2013-2017)
Minimum 20 references

You are required to develop a 2,000-word Project Plan based one of the attached case studies. Your Plan needs to include:
1. Project Goal, Objective and Strategies
2. Work breakdown structure to detail tasks; schedule, sequencing and timeframe
3. Risk analysis and contingency plans
4. Project resources required
5. Budget
6. Communications and reporting

Important note:
In addition to the Project Plan you also have to develop a short PowerPoint presentation supporting the project.
It is expected that the PowerPoint presentation will consist of 12 slides and is to be used to brief the Executive staff of the project.

Marking Criteria
Criteria Marks
1. Incorporates relevant concepts and theories
Addresses the subject and the issues raised in the question
Demonstrates an appropriate level of understanding of the theoretical principles and concepts
Relevant principles and concepts are used with appropriate application to support argument 60
2. Use of resources
Evidence of an appropriate level of research regarding the various concepts
Evidence of a range of relevant resources are used and integrated into the discussion
Appropriate and accurate referencing 20
3. Communication
Ideas are clearly articulated and coherently structured
The paper is presented in an acceptable academic format
The paper is structured logically and clearly with an appropriate conclusion. 20
Total 100

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