1: What is money? What are the different forms of money mentioned in the article? Consider the properties desirable in anything that is used as money. Do the forms of money mentioned in the article have those properties?
Explain the factors determining demand and supply for money and what effect does the demand and supply of money has on equilibrium in the money market? 3: Cheques once accounted for more than 80 percent of the value of all non-cash payments, but now they are down to less than 30 percent. Can yon explain the reason for this trend?
4: What are the motivations of holding money? Is the ‘cashless economy’ getting closer, as the author of the article states? Justify your answer.
5: The heading declares “the banknote is dead”. Do you agree with this title? Explain why or why not and justify your answer with the amount of usage of cash versus other forms of payment.

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