Elements of Reasoning and Intellectual Standard

Elements of Reasoning and Intellectual Standard

In writing, the writers have to incorporate elements of reasoning and intellectual standards to make the article to ensure that the article delivers the message accordingly. The elements of reasoning include, purpose, problem, information, concepts, assumptions, inferences, points of view, implications or consequences while the intellectual standards include clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth,  logical and fairness. The discussion delineates on the use of these elements of reasoning and reasoning standards as adopted in the article, “McDonalds alters happy meals and shrinks fries”.

The purpose of the article is to show the commitment of the restaurant towards reducing the number of calories in its meals to help reduce instances of obesity. It is also aimed at informing the public about its plans and commitment to reducing the amount of calories in the meals. The problem presented in the article is obesity. Obesity is an issue that has continued to affect most people through consumption of junk food. This problem is illustrated by the anti-obesity campaigns that have triggered the restaurant to adjust to level of fats and calories in its meals, “McDonald’s has faced increasing criticism about its menu as cities, states and public organizations pursued anti-obesity campaigns” (Strom, 2011).

The article has also information on various aspects concern the topic. It informs the reader about the level of calories that the hotel is committed to reduce.  The article gives 20 percent as the level of calories to be reduced in the meals. It also provides information about the survey that has indicate that only 11 percent of parents request for vegetables in the hotels.

Various concepts are also hilighted in the article. One of the concepts is the criticism from the various parties about the level of calories in the meals, studies on the public response and the important of the steps taken by the McDonald restaurant. The author assumes that eating meals with high levels of calories causes obesity.

There is also an inference in the article when the author states that the step to educate calories is to help please parents that want to please their kids while providing them with nutritious meals.  The article has also points of views from the perspective of the author. This is manifested when the author states that other restaurants are also facing pressure from the local government to adjust their meals to help reduce the level of calories. The implications of this action are also captured in the article. The consequences of ensuring that the amount of calories in the meals if reduced will help to reduce the amount of fats in the meals and this will also help to reduce the rate of obesity cases as parents and children will have to consume nutritious meals.

Intellectual standards’ is an area that is also incorporated in the article. The article is clear and easy to understand. The author uses simple language to convey the message. The article is also accurate because the author bases his arguments from authoritative sources. He uses quotes of people in the article for example he quotes Samantha Graff one of the director of legal research at Public health law and policy.

The article is also precise in the sense that it addressees pertinent issues concisely.  It is relevant because it affects many people across the world. Obesity is a problem in USA and therefore, the topic is important in transmitting information about the important step of action the restaurant has taken to help in reducing the problem of obesity.

The article has also discussed the issues in depth by bringing in other perspectives such as studies on the parental response among others.  It is also breadth as the issues are sufficiently elaborated upon.  The article is logic as it flows smoothly from one idea to another. It is also fair because the author has approached the topic in an objective manner without leaning on either side.

In conclusion, the article is well organized and logical. The author has factored in the elements of reasoning and intellectual standards to make the article credible as well as understandable. The article is also fair and objective as there is no indication of bias.


Strom, S. (2011). McDonald’s alters happy meals and shrinks fries. Retrieved from:             http://prescriptions.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/07/26/mcdonalds-alters-happy-meals-  shrinks-fries/?ref=weight&_r=0

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