Emergency Department Chest Pain Medical Assessment Tool

Part 1A (600 – 700 words):

 i. Give a brief background to the patient’s area of healthcare?

(e.g. coronary, maternity, cancer etc) (My case study is chest pain in Emergency)

ii. Who is the patient? At what stage of admission is he?

iii. What is the assessment tool?

  • a.      My assessment tool is “Emergency Department Chest Pain Medical Assessment Tool”

iv.        1- Why was it tool chosen? In other words, How is the tool relevant to this particular patient?

2- How reliable is it?

3- Use the literature to support the choice of this tool for the patient?

Part 1B (300 – 400 words):

(i) What are the findings (subjective and objective)?

How will the presentation of the findings be organised (e.g. under

the headings of the assessment tool)? The actual findings are to

be presented in bullet-point form.

(ii) What are the most important negative findings for the patient?

 (iii) Regarding these negative findings, what are the normal ranges in

this health area? These must be found in the literature and used

to justify the identification of the patient’s negatives.

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