energy and fuels

Task 1
You are working for an energy company and need to investigate a selection of fuels to see which one gives out the most energy per mole.
Carry out an investigation into a range of fuels. Use your results to calculate how much energy each fuel provides. Write a scientific report for your supervisor explaining which fuel provides the most energy per mole, using your results and calculations to back up your conclusions. Ensure you put the fuels in order of how much energy they provide. Make sure you use the right units in the calculations.
Task 2
You work for a company that makes household appliances. The company wants to make their appliances as energy efficient as possible. In order to do this you must calculate the energy efficiencies of the appliances.
Investigate different household appliances and work out the efficiency and their percentage efficiency. You may compare different types of appliance or you may compare the same appliance made by different manufacturers.
Write a report evaluating the appliances in terms of efficiency. Consider what the purpose of the appliance is, and how you will know it is efficient.

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