Engineering Ethics Paper

In this paper, you will analyze one engineering ethics issue or case study selected from the Civil Engineering Ethics workshop website, “Numerical Problems Associated with Ethics Cases for Use in Required Undergraduate Engineering Courses.

You will briefly describe the situation involved with your issue or case study.  You will then describe the stakeholders, how they were affected by the situation, and the factors that influenced their decisions (when relevant).  Ethical codes that described the stakeholders’ behaviors (or that support your beliefs on different actions that people should have taken) should also be described.  You should analyze alternative actions that people could have taken and state what you personally would do in the situation.

These papers have ethical questions and respective answers written down already.   You are not simply copying these down as part of your paper—they are food for thought to the problem. 

Your job is to write this problem up in a paper format as noted below.  You are also required to think of your own take on the problem and write in your own words.  You must clearly write out the most “important calculations” as part of the paper.

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