Enhancing Advanced Cardiac Life Support Curricula

Enhancing Advanced Cardiac Life Support Curricula according to interprofessional competencies and the role of collaborative group work in achieving aims of the course

1. Introduction and signposting of what the paper will talk about and what it argues

2. Definition and history of Interprofessional education (IPE)/educational theories and rationale informing IPE

3. The need ‘why’ for IPE in healthcare education in general and in relation to ACLS in specific

4. IPE competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice in the U.S and evaluation of the ACLS course curriculum against those competencies

5. Discussion of the gaps found in section 4 and how they relate to ACLS educational and clinical observations in terms of miscommunication, disorganization, misunderstanding, work culture barriers…etc. and how they impact clinical performance and patient outcome

6. Enhancing the ACLS course curriculum according to IPE competencies. For example, using the constructive alignment framework – Biggs theory

7. What collaborative group work offers and how it can serve as a vehicle for achieving the aims of the curriculum

8. Conclusion

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