Essay 1

Attached is the description of the essay required to enter grad school. My professional goal is to continue to educate myself for the betterment of my patients. I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist and I decided to enter grad school for a management position in the future. My personal goals are to continue to establish my cosmetic business on Amazon while raising my two children. My 13yr old son plays for two baseball teams and that consumes a lot of our time. He is a left hand pitcher and plays center field and is hopeful to make it to the MLB one day…we are helping him get there. My 6yr old daughter is a swimmer at the YMCA and that also consumes our family time. She is preparing to enter a swimming league as she becomes a stronger swimmer. The area of study that I chose for grad school is a Master\’s in Management specializing in Public Health. As an employee at a trauma center, I felt this degree was the best suited for my career. I am entering grad school so you could write the essay as a college senior.

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