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INTERCO Questions

1. Assess Intercos financial performance. Why is the company a target of a hostile takeover attempt?

2. As a member of Intercos board are you persuaded by the premiums paid analysis (Exhibit 10) and the comparable transactions (Exhibit 11)? Why?

3. Wasserstein, Perella &Co. established a valuation range of $60-80 per common share by Interco. Show that this valuation range can follow from the assumptions described in the discounted cash flow analysis section of Exhibit 12. As a member of Intercos board, which assumptions would you have questioned? Why?

4. How would you advise the Interco board on the $70 per share offer?

5. How would you assess the actions of the following parties: Intercos board up to August 8, 1988? Wasserstein, Perella & Co? The Rales brothers? Drexel Burnhams?

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