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English 111 Writing and Inquiry
Essay 2 Assignment
Compare and Contrast Essay (Textual Analysis)

Students should understand and apply the principles of a comparison and contrast essay

Students should understand and apply knowledge of Standard American English and essay development and organization

Students should understand and apply knowledge of MLA Parenthetical Documentation and Works Cited pages

Students should understand and analyze concepts of theme, tone, and/or mood in assigned texts

Essays must be 3 – 4 pages, typed, double spaced, in 12 point font, Times New Roman. Essays that do not meet the required length will be severely penalized (even ones that are a little bit short!). A Works Cited page is required but does not count as part of the page length!

Put your name, the class and section, my name, and the date all in the upper left hand corner.

Insert a header with your last name and the page number in the upper right hand corner

Be consistent with your organization. Choose either a block-style or point-by-point organization and stick to it throughout the essay.

When discussing literature, use the present tense. For example, you would say White remarks that rather than White remarked that

You must use evidence from the texts to support your ideas, and those pieces of text must be cited properly using parenthetical documentation.

Topic Choices:

For this essay, you will choose two of the six essays listed below (either handouts via Bboard or out of the Wake Tech Reader) to compare and/or contrast. Below I have paired essays which fit well together. You can mix and match as you see fit, so these are just suggestions.

Mark Twains Life on the Mississippi & James Baldwins Stranger in the Village (handout via Bboard)-Two essays we need to compare and contrast

Your task is to analyze the essays and draw relevant, insightful conclusions about areas of comparison or contrast between the two. The relevant, insightful conclusions should revolve around the three following areas:

Theme between the two essays

Your task is NOT to summarize the two essays. You also want to avoid drawing elementary conclusions (e.g, one essay takes place on a river and the other on a farm). Instead, you must draw conclusions about what the essay means based on what the essay says. That is, you will use evidence from the text (words, phrases, sentences, and incidents) to support your conclusion about the text. You should use the associated Key Questions document and class discussions to help you develop your ideas.

It will be vital for this paper to have clear, specific focus. Be sure that you spend time crafting your thesis statement and topic sentences (you might even start with your topic sentences first, for this essay), and that you are very clear before you begin drafting what idea you are trying to prove in each paragraph.
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The essay is suppose to compare and contrast the themes in Mark Twains Life on the Mississippi Chapters 4-5 & James Baldwins Stranger in the Village. I have uploaded both of these essays
Instruction files

strangerinthevillage.pdf(106,48 KiB)
marktwainlifeonthems-chapters4-5.docx(23,30 KiB)

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