Essay, English

PROMPT: Texas Senate Bill 11 (SB 11), often referred to as Campus Carry, was passed by the Texas Legislature and was signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott on June 1, 2015. It is often referred to as. It permits individuals with a license to carry or concealed handgun license to carry a concealed weapon on public university campuses in Texas beginning Aug. 1, 2016.
Pick a side, and write a paper either defending or attacking this bill. REQUIREMENTS:
– THESIS: You must have a thesis. This means you must choose a side and argue for that side. – TITLE: This shouldn\’t be too short. It should indicate the subject AND What about it?
– SOURCES: A minimum of two sources. You must cite these in the paper.
– WORKS CITED PAGE: You must have a Works Cited page.
– WORD COUNT: A minimum word count of 500 words, not including the Works Cited page. If you turn in 499 words, you have not completed the assignment. In general, try not to go over by more than 20%.
– HEADER: The last four digits of your student ID number and auto page numbers
– HEADING: 4-lines at top left of page 1 (English 1320, Mr. Peters, Date, Word Count)
– MARGINS: 1 all around
– SPACING: Double-space everything (except the header). NO 2.5-spacing between graphs! – FONT: 12-point (including the title), either Courier, Times New Roman, or Calibri
– PRINT: Single-sided only
– STAPLE: If you dont staple it, you cant turn it in
This is college. Use a proper collegiate tone. Do not use slang. Do not use contractions. Do not voice your opinions, and do not use personal pronouns (I, me, we, us, our, you yours, etc.).

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