Essay, Environmental studies

Use the book as a source: The Economics of Poverty and Discrimination, Bradley Schiller, 10th Edition

Describe the ways that higher educational attainment contributes to income according to the human capital model. Now explain how the \”sorting\” model explains the relationship between education and earnings. Women earn less than men, on average. How might the human capital model explain the gender earnings gap? Should more taxpayer money be provided for higher education subsidies? Or should students and their families pay more? Explain

Go to and find the poverty rate for California in 2013. Which 5 states had the highest poverty rates? Which 5 states had the lowest poverty rats? Put these 10 or 11 states into a table showing their 2013 poverty rates (poverty rates may be reported for states using an average over 2 or 3 years-use rates that include 2013 data). What might explain why some states have high poverty rates and others have low poverty rates?

Go online and find the number and percentage of children living in Female Headed Families for the years 2000 and 2015. See table 8.1 in Schiller (source mentioned above) for comparison and create a similar table for the years 2000, 2005, and 2015. Is there a trend?

What was the unemployment rate for September for the Los Angeles area? Is it better than the previous month? How many people were unemployed in Los Angeles in September?

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