Essay, Ethics

Read: The Fundamentals of Ethics by Russ Shafer-Landau (2 edition)
Chapter 1 Hedonism: Its Powerful Appeal
Chapter 2 Is Happiness All That Matters?
Chapter 3 Getting What You Want
View Powerpoint in Bb- Basic Moral Orientations
Book Assignment Ideas pick one or multiple:
Explain the difference between intrinsic value and instrumental value, and give examples of things you take to be valuable in each way. Next, define hedonism. What does the hedonist claim is intrinsically valuable, and what does she claim is instrumentally valuable?
Hedonists distinguish between two types of pleasure. Explain this distinction and give examples of each type of pleasure. Which type of pleasure do hedonists claim is more important? Why do you think they say this? Do you agree with this claim?
Suppose you had the opportunity to have someone else make all of your decisions for you for the rest of your life. Suppose further that this person knows you so incredibly well that her decisions are guaranteed to make you happier in the long term than you would be if you made your own decisions. Would you accept such an arrangement? Why or why not? What does this case tell us about the plausibility of hedonism? All your weekly Posts Need to bring in ethical theory while discussing the video. Your post can be unique or a response or comment to someone elses previous post.
Do we always have a reason to do whatever would benefit ourselves? How does the desire satisfaction theorist explain the connection between reason and self-interest? Is the desire theorist\’s account better than the objective theorist\’s? Why or why not?
Minimum 250 words- Drop in Weekly Assignment DropBox (Maximum 30% originality) (See Guidelines)

Three detailed paragraphs (minimum 5 sentences per paragraph)- One quote from the book in each of three paragraphs is mandatory. Then discuss with three other sources. Four total sources!

So each paragraph has a quote from the book (THREE quotes total from the book minimum). Then discuss these THREE quotes with THREE other sources by adding quotes and citings from your three other sources.

You must have a minimum of 250 words. Minimum 5 sentences per paragraph.

1. Use examples if necessary to further elaborate
2. Saying something is moral or immoral is NOT applying ethical theory
3. The same principles outlined in #5 & #6 above should also be used when applying theory in your weekly book assignments.

Make sure when you apply an ethical theory, it actually is an ethical theory and not just a component of a theory. Ethical theories that can be used includes the following: Hedonism, Desire Theory, Divine Command Theory, Natural Law, Ethical Egoism (Psychological Egoism is NOT an ethical theory), Consequentialism, Kantian Ethics, Social Contract Theory, Ethical Relativism (Ethical Subjectivism and Cultural Relativism) and Emotivism.
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Please read and follow the Example paper.
The attached images are the book chapter 1-3
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