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This assignment requires that you read Ready Player One, by Earnest Cline and write an essay connecting the themes in the novel to the readings and mediated selves you have been contemplating throughout the semester.

After reading the novel, you must write a 750 to 1000-word paper that synthesizes across the novel and at least three of the readings we have already discussed in class, focusing on three themes that address the relationship between the self and the mediated self.

The FIRST and FINAL paragraphs are your intro and conclusion paragraphs
Para #1 should provide an overview of your paper (i.e., summarize/foreshadow)
Para #5 should provide a main takeaway (i.e., a summarize/synthesize)
The body of the paper should contain THREE specific sub headers that define the three themes you are discussing related to the relationship between the self and mediated self
**DO NOT SUMMARIZE PLOT, but DO include at least one quote from the novel (in quotation marks and APA cited) per theme.
For each theme you address, you should make a connection to the novel and at least one reading from class.
When making these connections, address the following question:
In what way do the novel and the class reading make complementary points with respect to the given theme? note: All submissions will be checked for originality using academic honesty software.
You can view your own originality report (see example HERE)

NOTE: The Rubric for grading these essays will be here.
You will be able to see exactly how your essay was graded (see example HERE)

Again: do not summarize plot! Assume the reader knows the plot already. Points will be deducted for plot summaries.
Instruction files

rubric_-_synthesizing_oasis_selves_fall_2016_-_grades.pdf(86,55 KiB)
readings-assigned-mi401avatars-ratan-fall2016.pdf(124,42 KiB)

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