Essay, Literature

Read the short story A&P by John Updike (pages 383+).
Write an argumentative essay over question #1 under \”Thinking About the Text\” on page 388: Why do you think Sammy quits?
Use the text to support your position, not personal experience. Keep the focus solely on the text.
Follow the guidelines for writing an argumentative essay in chapter 4.
In the first paragraph, state the title of the story, the author\’s name, and give a brief summary of the plot. Use this pattern and limit it to only 1-2 sentences: It is a story about (main character) who lives in (setting), does (short plot summary), and learns (theme).
Then state your thesisthey will or will not suffer somehow.
In the body, convince the reader that your position is correct or at least consider your side. DO NOT RETELL THE STORY!
When quoting or referring to the text, note the page number in parenthesis like this: (426).
Page limit: 2.
Remember to format your essay in MLA style: Heading, header with last name and page number, title that reflects thesis statement, double-spaced. See example of MLA format on home page of this classroom.

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