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This is my resume:
Highly skilled African business consultant with solid work experience in helping clients to integrate and run payments processing engines.
Able to manage multiple projects and to adapt and communicate with people at different levels, from business-oriented C-level executives to technical developers.
Fund-raising expert with more than 10 years in developing, executing, and evaluating fund development activities for nonprofit organizations.

Senior Project Manager, Banque de Swiss, Nov. 2012-Present

Supervised the development of infrastructures and components of the Banque de Frances payment framework engine. Monitored the migration of direct debit and credit transfer client payment transactions to the new clearing and settlement mechanism (CSM) for the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA).
Coordinate, supervise, and follow up on the software team\’s activities (team of 10), ensuring that budget and deadlines are respected and the work is of high quality.
Improved the performance of the financial security mechanism in the payment framework. Reduced liquidity risk within the retail payment system CORE (EU) by performing risk analysis and tests to prevent accounting mismatches totaling $3M in direct debit operation transactions.
As Banque de Frances representative in regulatory proceedings, led the strategic committee events in France regarding the automated clearinghouse STET.
Regularly coordinated with regulatory compliance, business development, clearing, and settlement teams on cross-functional business requirements and production support.
Advised business teams on regulatory and policy matters with regard to new and existing products, services, and corporate policies and compliances.

Social Entrepreneur and Fundraiser, Valeurs dAfrique, Fontenay-aux-Roses, France, 2006-Present

Valeurs d\’Afrique is a non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to addressing African development issues.
Designed and moderate websites and to develop and promote African village cultures and their natural environment. Responsible for identification, cultivation, and solicitation of 100 top annual fund prospects.
Collaborated in the creation of responsible tourism tool that provides talented village artists with new opportunities to diversify their resources through new tourist activities.
Conceptualized, organized, and implemented solicitation strategies for approximately 25,000 tourists and donors.
Effectively researched and wrote proposals for portfolio of donors, corporate, and foundation funding sources.
Planned, designed, and implemented personalized solicitation plans for donors, trustees and friends, and various divisional programs. Received a leadership award for my contributions to the development of the community village.

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