Assignment 2 Individual case study report ( word limit 1500 words)
Part 1 (70%)
You are required to write a report on the case study ‘Eurofreeze’.
You are to assess each of the 5 strategic options in the case, choose the most suitable according to your selection criteria, and write a strategic statement for Eurofreeze in the light of your selection.
Your report should have 5 sections:
1) A short summary of Eurofreeze’s strategic position at the start of the case.
2) Development of scoring criteria to assess each option
3) A table demonstrating how the scoring criteria are applied, with a rationale where possible.
4) A strategic statement for the option that you have selected.

Part 2 (30%)
In no more than 1 page, discuss to what extent Eurofreeze could adopt a non-prescriptive approach to strategy formulation.

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