Evidence based teaching in vocational education- field study in marketing- real projects rise motivation and understanding

In an 8 weeks lasting field study in vocational education two groups of students (26 and 23) were taught in the field of marketing. Both had to plan a marketing campaign (project based learning). One group only had to plan a fictional campaign. The other group had to plan a real campaign, which will be realized after it -> real project.Interviews and observations as well as questionnaires showed , that the group with the real project was much more motivated and achieved higher understanding and better abilities. A real projects boosts self confidence and minimized fear of failing after graduation in a real job.A short questionaire (qualitative) for the interviews must be created, fictional interviews must be summarized, a short questionaire (quantitative) must be created and fictional results must be evaluated shortly with excel. Obsersvations must be written.Result is that real projects in vocational education should be preferred.Real projects helps students gain deeper knowledge in this field and attracts students more to the filed of marketing while fictional projects can\’t…

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