expect impact on Schools and the effect on Evergreen Valley College.

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Evergreen Valley College FINAL EXAMINATION English 1A
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On the Western edge of Evergreen Valley College, behind an upscale neighborhood shopping cluster, is an elbow-shaped 27-acre parcel With a quiet, almost bucolic feel. Its looks deceive. This turf is at the center of one of the valley\’s hottest landuse battles.
Eager not to face the same financial shortfalls that it has confronted recently, the San Jose-Evergreen Community College District is seeking Sources of money beyond property taxes to fund Evergreen Valley College, San Jose City College, and its new satellite campus in Milpitas. One source of funds is the land it owns. The district declares the parcel \”surplus\” and is asking builders to bid on developing it for apartments, medical offices, a private aquatic center, and expanding the shopping center. The district expects to receive at least S.5 million a year from leasing the land to the developer,
A Well-organized group of neighbors, meanwhile, is opposing the project on the grounds of traffic, impact on Schools and the effect on Evergreen Valley College. They point to a variety of problems with the district\’s scenario. First, they argue that college land should be preserved for educational purposes, including sports.
Second, they stress the inevitable problems with traffic and congestion. Evergreen is essentially a huge cul-de-sac. There are a limited number of ways to drive in or out. Adding high-density apartments strains the roads and puts many more kids in Schools. And finally, they have castigated the district\’s financial management. They suggest there is a fundamental issue of equity, with San Jose City College more favored than Evergreen Valley College. \”I don\’t think they have a vision for Evergreen Valley College.\” says Brenda Serpa, who has helped to organize the opposition. \”There\’s this mantra that in east San Jose, people will just shut up and take it.\” You cannot imagine the same eagerness to allow private developers the right to build on the land of DeAnza or foothill community Colleges.
– Scott Herhold. San Jose Mercury News, April 2015

Writing Task:
o Summarize Herhold\’s ideas in this article.
State your idea of what should be done with the 27 acres next to
Evergreen Valley College. o Support your opinion with personal experiences, or with other
people\’s experiences that you have heard or read about.

Original title
Summarize article
In an article published in San Jose Mercury News in April 2015, Scott Herhold discusses/writes/tells the reader the stakes involved in commercializing the 27-acre land
Thesis statement
Body Paragraph # 1–main supporting point
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