Explain McClintock\’s scholar-practitioner model in your own words.

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Unit 3: Crystallizing Your Vision and Goals
Throughout Units 1 and 2, you explored your passions and interests in psychology as a practitioner-scholar and received feedback to improve your ability to communicate that vision and relevant goals. Now, you are ready to integrate your writing into your draft of the assignment Your Vision As a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar, to format your writing according to APA expectations, and to submit the assignment to your instructor for feedback. Complete the following:
1. Complete the More Tools for Scholarly Writing and Getting Started With APA Style studies in Unit 3.
2. Complete a draft of the Role As a Practitioner-Scholar section:
Draw from your previous study of the practitioner-scholar model to answer the following:
? Explain McClintock\’s scholar-practitioner model in your own words.
? Reference Capella\’s Learning Model Quick-Reference and Examples document to compare the differences between the levels of practitioner-scholar and scholar-practitioner.
? Explain what it will mean to you to be a practitioner-scholar. Explain how the practitioner-scholar model can help guide you in developing the knowledge and skills that you will need to reach your professional vision and goals.
Be sure to cite your sources.
3. Complete a draft of the Vision section: In response to feedback you have received and the evolution of your ideas since you began, and in light of what you have learned about the practitioner-scholar model, revise and refine the vision statement that you developed in the previous two units so it is as personally meaningful as possible. This statement should articulate how your passions and interests connect to a specialization in psychology. Note: It may be useful to update your Articulating Your Purpose activity to help support these revisions.
4. Complete a draft of the Goals and Milestones: Review the long-term educational, career, and life goals that you identified as relevant to achieving your vision. In response to feedback you have received and the evolution of your ideas since your earlier drafts, revise, expand, refine and consolidate your goals as needed.
Identify significant milestones for each goal. Be sure that your goals and milestones are:
? Specific.
? Measurable.
? Achievable.
? Relevant.
? Time-bound.
Be sure to discuss the reasons for each goal and milestone.
5. Read through your draft and revise it to improve the big picture elements:
Your main ideas in your vision and goals and how you explain them.
The order of your paragraphs and the logic behind the organization.
Your purpose for writing and the way you speak to your audience.
The focus of your vision and goals.
The flow of your assignment from section to section.
6. Complete a draft of the previously outlined sections of your paper, and then use the Your Vision As a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar Template to draft these sections:
Title page in APA format.
Abstract: A concise summary of every main point in the paper.
Introduction: A concise overview of the paper\’s content.
Conclusion: A concise summary of important points of the paper, explaining the benefits of achieving your future career vision and becoming a practitioner scholar in the field of psychology and the importance and relevance of your vision and goals to your personal and professional aspirations.
References in APA format.
7. Be sure that at this point, your assignment should be 34 typed and double-spaced content pages excluding the title page, abstract, table of contents, and reference list. If you do not meet this requirement, go back and add more detailed explanation to the sections of your paper. Use Times New Roman, 12-point font throughout.
8. Be sure your assignment should also include references to some scholarly literature and practitioner sources. If you do not meet this requirement, review the following referen
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