Explain what kind of network you are on at work or home.

1:  Explain what kind of network you are on at work or home. If you do not have access to a network, ask a friend or family member to explain the type of network he or she has access to. What benefits does the network provide to its users? How does it help increase productivity? Read one of your classmates’ network descriptions. Respond to his or her post and identify whether the network he or she described is a client/server network or a peer-to-peer network, and whether it is a LAN, MAN, or WAN. Ask questions if you find that additional information is needed to determine the network’s characteristics.



2:Which four terms relate to networking? Define them in your own words?



3:Here are four terms that have to do with networking which I believe everyone will be familiar with because of how common place and well known they are. The first term is adapter which is a device that allows you to connect to a network. In my experience it is a cord that connects your computer to the access port. The second term is the IP address. An IP address is basically just a set of numbers every device has that is part of a network. The third term is anamoly. An anamoly is a strange or unique occurrence or in other words when you are using your computer and something unexpected happens whether it be good or bad that is an anamoly. The fourth and final term is boot. Boot is what your computer does when you turn it on. It gets the various parts of your computer running and your operating system is turn on and begins running. That is what boot means.


4:At my house, I believe have the standard network that most homes or a lot of homes probably have. I have a peer to peer HAN or home are network. All devices have equal access and capabilities for the most part. All the devices are connected to the network and can communicate with one another within the home. It is the type of network I have pretty much always used. I have never really had much contact with anything but LANs. I have had contact with a client/server network although unless I am the client I do not really care for this type of network.


5:HTML is short for Hyper Text Markup Language, which is the official language of the World Wide Web and it was created in 1990. HTML is a product of SGML, which is a complex technical specification describing markup languages, mainly those used in electronic document exchange, document management, and publishing. HTML was originally created to allow those who were not specialized in SGML to publish and exchange technical documents. It’s amazing how with the evolution of the World Wide Web, HTML began to proliferate and quickly spilled over into the mainstream. When designing a web it’s important to learn HTML in order to create a perfect web page. When we create a document in HTML it converts our language to what the computer understands. This is essential for having a computer to carry out a specific task. Programming languages like HTML allows us to give computers exact directions and have them then be carried out by the computer.


6:It was interesting to find out that many designers make the same mistake of testing in one environment, and assuming that their page look the same to everyone else as it does to them. That mistake can be made easily by anyone, no matter how much web design experience they may have, and that’s why it’s important to always remember to test in different environments. Testing in different environments will give you more confidence that your results are accurate. A few tips that was given is to view on all possible devices, view your page in multiple browsers, and use different input devices to ensure that the site is accessible. Sometimes it can be something so simple that can be made into a huge challenge.

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