extending school hours for middle school students

1. prompt :narrow your focus to one area of education such as “school uniforms”, “no tolerance policy”, “vouchers”, “no child behind”, etc,. use at least four sources to help prove your points. you are not required to use the sources in the book and are encouraged to do separate research. you must cite your sources(MLA) with a works cited page. your proposals need to be specific. your opinion, suggestions and analysis counts. However, don’t use the word “I” in your paper unless its personal experiences. In your first paragraph, give a brief overview of the problem and mention the steps you would take to improve education. please pick a topic where there are opposing view (need one opposing view and to argue this opposing view. for example, some body says extending school hours are bad, however, this is not true, because of …) your gold is to persuasive so that you convince the reader that your ideas are the best ones. again, plz make sure you include opposing points of view and ague why your proposals are better.
2. Plz consider these three points as the benefits.
a. extending school hours could help students to obsorb knowledge
b. extending school hours could keep student more safe
c. help students to communicate with school mates
3. need a opposing view!!!

1. NEED A LOT OF CITATIONS !!! for example, if we say people get off work at 6:00p.m., then we have to prove how do we know this.
2. keep simple sentences, my prof. hates fashion words, and he used to be a writer (i guess… he said so.. but …) he is haughty…
3. works cited page is needed.

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