Facebook Case Study Analysis

The requirement is to convert The Five Question in the MGMT 601 1. Critically evaluate Facebook vision, mission, and values usefulness to the company’s leader in formulating strategic intent 2.What industry Is Facebook competing in, and how is this industry changing? Who are Facebook’s most important competitors? Why? 3. What are Facebook’s resources and capabilities? What is Facebook’s core competency? Can its resources and capabilities for the bases of a competitive advantage? Why and why not? 4.What is Facebook’s business model? How is it currently making money? 5. Is possible to compete with Google’s dominance? How might it over come the advantage of Google has in the area of search advertising Note: You may not be able to find a lot of data on certain elements. In such cases, please provide your best/educated guess. If this is the case,however, please make sure to specify it in your presentation.

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