Fall-out shelter occupancy

Fall-out shelter occupancy

The quest for justice can be challenging especially when a particular action leaves other people in misery. This paper analyzes a situation involving twelve citizens almost perishing in a nuclear war. However, there is a fall-out shelter which, unfortunately, can accommodate just six people. The decision to select these six people is based on a broad and thorough analysis of each individual and situations surrounding their circumstances. Once this is done, it means six of the citizens will perish in the nuclear attack. The aim of this rescue mission is to save six most important people who would successfully rebuild a new society. This paper, therefore, summarizes that based on merits and situation at hand, the six to be saved include; 16 year-old pregnant female, 30 year-old catholic priest, Olympic athlete, all sports, 15 year old boy, first year apprentice carpenter, biochemist and army drill instructor.

To begin with, health reasons are one of the methodologies used in selecting survivors. In this regard, 16 year-old pregnant female deserves to be in the Fall-out shelter. It can be argued that allowing this girl to perish in nuclear war could amount to loss of two innocent lives. The unborn child has no choice to make hence the only sure way to save it is by saving the mother.

In addition, society needs religious leaders too. For this reason, 30 year-Old Catholic priest makes it to the fall-out shelter. Religion is an important element in the development of a society because through it, moral teachings are taught and people also learn to respect their gods. Existence of human beings cannot be explained comprehensively hence the only way to enlighten upcoming generation is by having religious leaders in the society.

Entrepreneurship is another important aspect in building a new society. Business minds are the key drivers of economy today, and it would be absurd to get a society with no business prospects. This is the reason why a 15 year-old boy, first year apprentice carpenter makes it to the list. It is through such business ventures that the society will be able to acquire what it cannot produce through trade. Consequently, living standards of people will increase as a result of incomes earned from businesses.

Fourth consideration is given to the Olympic athlete. Sports activities are also essential in ensuring development of society. Sports contribute to rebuilding society in several ways; it enables society to be recognized in the international scene. This is important considering the fact that it is a society under development with no identity at all. Other than that, sports will be a unifying factor since it brings people together and increases social existence in society. The Olympic athlete could also use income earned from sports to develop other sectors of the economy.

In addition to the above is an army drill instructor. He is particularly important in ensuring safety/security in the society. With such skills and experience an army drill instructor will protect citizens against external attacks and ensure peaceful co-existence. Moreover, it is his obligation to recruit more people in the military and strengthen the society’s military base.

Last in the list is a biochemist. This is a personality critically important in ensuring that society is protected against effects of such elements like nuclear gas release. A biochemist has ability to carry out quality research on nuclear substances and give professional advice on measures to be taken in case of future nuclear attacks. Laboratory experiments on nuclear elements are also important as it could enable society deal with future attacks of that kind.


Nuclear war is a delicate situation in which consequences are very severe; death in most cases. The decision to save only some victims and leave the rest is based solely on the situation at hand. Logical reasons are given to explain why various survivors were selected. However, it should be understood that all victims deserved to live and no life is important than the other, but the circumstances surrounding this particular situation left the rescue team with no choice.


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