Fashion management

Part 1 NPD Process Models and Visual Merchandising

1.1 Process Introduction.

1.2 NPD Process using Copper’s Stage Gate 1994 or 1993 and Generalised Product
Design Process (Open University 1992) or Overall Process of NPD (Open University 1992).

1.3 Visual Merchandising in Marketing Mix.

1.4 Visual Merchandising in Marketing Strategy using marketing stage model by Jackson & Shaw; 2009.

1.5 Visual Merchandising model for example Goworek’s Visual Merchandising network 2008.

1.6 Product Development Framework by Lamb and KALLAL 1993 and FEA design process Lamb and KALLAL 1992.


Understanding and awareness of Product Development Theories and model/s
– Development of Product Development Model for Visual Merchandising
– Discussion of model developed and appropriateness

Some of the Processes are included in the file that has been uploaded.

Part 2 Visual Merchandising Theory


Identification of suitable theories relevant to Visual merchandising topic
– Discussion of the concepts in relation to the output development

Part 3 Developed Model


Develop a model for visual merchandising and discuss the model and idea
Discussion of model developed and appropriateness

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