“Seek the fashion which truly fits and befits you. You will always be in fashion if you are true to yourself, and only if you are true to yourself. You might, of course, rightly wear that style which is emblazoned on the fashion magazine of the day, or you might not,” Maya Angelou. There are no boundaries to personal style, whether it is expressed through the clothes you wear, the music you listen to, or the books you read. What does your style say about you?

The key to a happy and successful life is to know your personality. For instance, if you are true to yourself, the choice of clothes you wear will not depend on the fashion trend but rather on decency. It is always advisable to consider everything about your personal style as it is subject to be interpreted by the society. This includes the fabric and colors of your clothes, accessories, make-up and hairstyles. People will describe you depending on the choice of clothes you make either from home or from a store. Therefore, let your clothing style match your personality.

Although clothes do not define a woman, they can certainly tell something about her. When one does not take time to choose the right code of dressing, it may send the wrong message. This is because fashion should be used to state our uniqueness, social class, gender and age group. When one dresses in a certain way, it helps shift the internal self. For instance, actors say that putting on a costume facilitates expression of character.

Since personal styles are diverse, it is also wise to look at other styles such as music and hairstyles. People are likely to make accurate predictions about personality upon knowing the kind of music one listens to. This includes an individual’s level of creativity and open mindedness. It is said that those who enjoy classical music as well as jazz music, tend to be more creative and they have high IQ-scores. It is therefore necessary that the next time you want to listen to a playlist; you consider how your personality will be reflected in your song choices.

When it comes to hair, people will perceive you depending on your hairstyle. Depending on the cut, color and style of your hair, people will have a clue on how you perceive yourself and your culture. It is therefore necessary to understand what you will be announcing to the rest of the world before choosing a particular hairstyle. Since everything about our personal style is subject to be processed and interpreted by the society, as I had mentioned earlier, there is need to be careful on our choices of style. Our choices will affect our performance either positively or negatively.

A good example is an interview. During an interview, there is infinite time to prove that you are a professional. This means you require shortcuts that convey the message. The only way to achieve this is through appearance, which include clothing and hairstyle. This will confirm your readiness for that particular interview. The whole idea is dressing appropriately depending on the occasion.



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