Federal Taxation

Picking a topic: The topic must involve federal tax law. It can be a topic involving income taxes or gift or estate taxes. It must be a topic that is currently relevant a topic that is primarily of historical significance is not appropriate. The topic must have at least 20 major cases or rulings. Major means that the case or ruling adds something to the body of law in the area. A minor case or ruling is one that largely or entirely duplicates the facts and law of another case or ruling. So, for example, a memorandum decision is generally not major. While your topic can involve code or regulation analysis (and must include coverage of relevant code or regulation provisions), it generally should be a topic that is primarily driven by cases and rulings.EVERY MAJOR CASE OR RULING must be discussed in the text of the paper, regardless of the number. It becomes important, therefore, to pick a topic carefully. Too narrow a topic and you will fall short of the 20 minimum, too many and you will have a lot to write because, again, you must discuss every major case and ruling, not just a sampling or the landmark cases. And, to be safe, you might pick a topic with at least 25 cases and rulings that you consider major in case we throw out certain authorities as not qualifying. All the brief description of the cases should be included in the proposal. The number of sources mean that there have to be at least 20 major cases (please refer to description about regarding what major cases is) discussed in the outline, but I would prefer to have around 30 major cases.


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