Females incarceration

Based upon conviction and incarceration rates alone it would appear females are less likely to commit acts of deviance than males. However, there are some that contend females would commit just as many acts of deviance as males if gender inequality did not exist.In your initial post present and defend an argument either for or against this point of view. Specifically argue whether you agree or disagree acts of deviance would be equal among genders if gender inequality could be totally eliminated Papers General Guidelines:The following guidelines must be adhered to for the essays and research papers that are components of this course:• A 12-point Times New Roman font must be used in the paper.• Double-spacing must be used throughout the paper.• Page margins must be 1” on each side of the paper (top, bottom, left and right sides).• A cover and reference page must be included. The cover and reference pages must appear on separate pages from the rest of the paper and do not count towards any minimum page length requirements.• All sources utilized to create the paper must be cited and included in the reference list. APA (6th edition) guidelines for citations and reference listings must be followed.• Unless otherwise specified, all papers must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document saved as either a .doc or .docx file. No other formats will be accepted.• Only scholarly resources should be used. Sites such as Wikipedia, blogs, or other resources where information has not been peer-reviewed must not be used. If you have questions regarding whether a resource is acceptable, please ask your instructor before using that resource.• Abstracts are only appropriate for papers that will be published. For this reason, Abstracts should not be included with course papers.• Direct quotes should be used sparingly, if at all. The intent of scholarly writing is to demonstrate the ability to comprehend, interpret, and analyze information.

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