Filial Piety in relation to End-of-Life Care among Migrant Peasant Wokers in China

The research aims at investigating how migrant peasant workers deal with providing end of life care for their parents in modernised China, and revisit the myth that either governmetal modernisation project or cultural revolution in Mao\’s Era has caused the deterioration or even elimination of filial piety in current Chinese society. They both have their shares of function in this. The intention is to start a dialogue about how filial piety is constructed and practised to chinese people now and shed a light on current end of life care policy in China.considering how filial piety plays in participants subjective mind and daily practice.The main paradigm of this research is based on Foucault\’s theory on that history is not an lineage but disrupted stages and other important theories (yet to be found). Filial piety have had several stages in Chinese history. In recent centrueis, both Cultural revolution and modernistiaon project/economic reform played its role in seducing such breakage. However, Filial Piety still contains its agency in participants\’\’ everyday practice and subjectivision. I have only finished the very raw draft. There are a lot to be added and configured. I will send you everything I wrote if you need.

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