Fitness Training

All high tech or specific technical terms should be defined.
You can use hints, advice, successes, or examples of failure to enhance the essay.
The Intro and conclusion should not have steps in them.
The introduction should open topic creatively by using story, question, or another opening technique. Besides an attention-getter, you will need to show us a reason why we would want to do your specific process, and also demonstrate why you are the expert we should be listening to.(even if you do not think of yourself as an expert, make us believe that you are)
In the body, use personal experiences and funny details from your own life to move the explanation along. Have some fun with it. Chose something from your life or something you know about already. Do not show any doubt about your ability or the ability of the process to work. Recipes are no good!
Conclusion- Could show your opinion of the whole process and of the topic, answer any questions, or give a final thought. (don’t leave us hanging.)

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