fluid motion

Photographic essay on fluid motion and/or particle phenomena in a living and working world

– Assume you are a journalist writing an popular science article for an engineering magazine

– Write on an example of fluid/particle mechanics research

✴ Practical (industrial/real/environmental) systems

✴ Living (biological) systems

– Topic must describe flow and/or particle physics and must be one of current active research, i.e., it must be

✴ Novel (new science), or,

✴ Provide new solutions to existing problems

– Non-specialist audience

✴ Can assume audience have some general familiarity with technical terminology (e.g., they know what surface tension is)

✴ But not necessarily have a specific background in fluid or particle mechanics

✴ Thus, any technical jargon needs to be explained (e.g., need to explain what a boundary layer is)

– Photographic piece – use many colourful and visually stimulating images (credit given to creativity, originality

and aesthetics)

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