Food Bioprocessing

-Treatments of food processing wastes
-Value-adding to food processing waste products
-Bioseparations of valuable compounds
-Lactases in food processing
-Enzymes used in fruit juice processing
-Oxidoreductase applications in food processing
-Immobilisation of enzymes
-Enzyme engineering
-Genetic modification of plants for use in food applications
-GM High oleic acid soybean
-GM Golden Rice
-Genetic modification of animals for applications in the food industry
-GM Super salmon
-Genetic enhancement of microbes used in food enzyme production
-Controversies and issues surrounding GM foods and additives
-Solid state fermentations
-Fermentation scale up considerations
-Traditional fermentations of Asia
-Traditional fermentations of Africa
-Methods to characterise microbes in fermentations
-New molecular methods for detection of food microbes

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