Games & GenderDiscuss a game that you think is targeted at females.

For essay, please choose one of the following topics:Games & GenderDiscuss a game that you think is targeted at females. Provide evidence that leads you to this claim (e.g., what the avatars look like, how masculinity and femininity are represented within the game, what the core gameplay is, etc.). Do you think that trying to create a female gamer market (i.e., different from the male gamer market) is another way of reinforcing gender stereotypes? What is needed in game design to widen the female gaming market? Explain why.Games & ViolenceWe have read and discussed different perspectives about the effects of violence in video games on players\’ thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in real life. What is your take on it? Cite evidence to support your arguments. If you do not think the evidence we have is enough, indicate what kind of evidence is needed.Please note that the questions are suggestive prompts that you could address in your essay. It does not mean that you need to answer all of the questions in your essay. The most important aspect of the essay is to have a thesis and use evidence and arguments for support.The essay should:Have good organization and structure.Analysis is supported by coherent arguments, examples and references.Use the readings to discuss and analyze digital games and real-life phenomena (cite in your written assignment). Demonstrate good understanding and critical interpretation of the readings.Properly credit ideas and phrases contributed by others.Correctly use APA style for in-text citations and the reference list.Be free from typographic, grammar, and spelling mistakes.You must indicate when ideas are not your own and attribute them (provide information about the source and author). You must cite references in your essay. The textbook or readings also count. Quotation marks must be used if you use the exact sentence of other people. Use APA style to cite sources.

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