Gap Analysis Plan and Visio Draft

Identify the workflow issue you would like to explore throughout your Course Project. This should be a specific task about which you have sufficient content knowledge and access to describe and analyze in detail. Your workflow issue MUST be related to EHRs and be significantly tied to one or more meaningful use objectives. The workflow issue may be related to either the optimization of an existing EHR system or the implementation of an entirely new EHR system.Write a 3- to 4-page Gap Analysis Plan that addresses the following:Identify the workflow issue you will be exploring in the Course Project. Explain how this workflow issue is tied to EHRs. Identify the specific meaningful use objective(s) related to the workflow issue.List 2–3 goals you have set for your gap analysis and what you hope to accomplish by examining the workflow you selected.Describe your methods of data collection and the individuals you will observe, consult, and/or interview. Include any relevant narrative statements, checklists, interview questions, or other tools you will use to collect data.Explain how you will minimize disruption in the workflow during observations and how you will avoid bias as you conduct your gap analysis.Describe how you will record, quantify, and analyze the data you collect. Explain how you will establish baseline metrics to normalize data from different sources of information.In a reference list, cite a minimum of three scholarly references (with APA citations) that you used to create your Gap Analysis Plan.Post a draft of your current-state workflow in Visio to Doc Sharing. Your Visio draft should include your preliminary knowledge about the primary steps and activities within your workflow. In addition, include a swimlane showing who is responsible for each step, and use the appropriate diagramming symbols within your Visio draft.

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