general information about advertising

Ten questions

Question 1

The introduction provides general information about advertising. It is not that interesting because it does not provide an overview of the issues to be discussed in the body. It is a collection of general statements hence not captivating.

Question 2

The author has explained in detail things that he is interested in, in the ads. The discussion is based on the aspect of gender in the advert therefore gender is strongly described.

Question 3

The thesis of the paper is the motive of buying among the genders. The author also provides implications of his interpretations. The reason why firms use various ads is to attract a specific gender. Therefore, the ads are aimed at meeting the instincts of the members of the society.

Question 4

The author’s argument is not that logical and understandable because of lack of consistency in the discussion. Furthermore, the paper is not supported by tangible evidence. Therefore, the claims are based on personal opinions that make the paper less credible.

Question 5

The paper structure has an introduction, the body that provides discussion and the conclusion.  The author has tried to discuss the ads and the link of the ads to the larger issues in equal measure.  Certain details especially in introduction are used to provide a wide picture about the ad industry.

Question 6

The focus of the essay is the motive of various types of ads on gender.  I think this is not a broad nor a narrow topic therefore it is a good topic to explore.

Question 7

The author’s argument and evidence is based on personal opinions. There are no in text citations and a reference list to substantiate the claim. The author should refer to other researches done and cite information that is not his own.

Question 8

The organization of the paper is not that effective. There is no transition and therefore, it makes it a bit hard to follow and understand the essay.

Question 9

The language is formal but has some mistakes such as poor sentence structures and has a lot of opinions. These therefore, need to be corrected.

Question 10

The author does not refer to Bordo’s essay. Likewise, he does not use any quotes and any page number citation.  There are however some places that he should have cited or referenced Bordo, something he has not done.

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