Geography of Health and Health Care


Choose one of the three questions provided below. Perform a comprehensive research of the topic using a minimum of 6 key peer-reviewed publications. Based on your findings, write a short essay (800 – 1000 words) that responds to the selected question. Ensure a good depth of inquiry in presenting your arguments and principle ideas. Your essay should be divided into three parts: introduction, body (2 -3 paragraphs), and conclusion. It should be typed and double-spaced using a 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Include a title page that contains the title of your essay, course number, assignment number, word count, your name (first name followed by last name), student number, and date. A reference list should also be provided. Any referencing style is allowed provided that consistency is ensured throughout the essay.



  • Physical environments and social environments have both been found to be important determinants of health. In what ways do they jointly affect health status?
  • With the use of examples show how equity is approached in health geography.
  • One of the ongoing debates in health geography revolves around the relative importance of individual versus place-sensitive or contextual health risks. With specific reference to compositional and contextual effects, do individuals or places matter more to individual health status?



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