geology/ biology


1. What is the genetic material of organisms?

2. What are the requirements for DNA to be the genetic material?

3. Who can be credited with determining that DNA is the genetic material of living things?

4. What nucleotides are contained in DNA?

5. What is the difference between pyrimidine and purine bases?

6. State Chargaff’s rules.

7. What is the estimate of the number of base pairs on each human chromosome?

8. Describe the Watson-Crick model for DNA.

9. Explain the meaning of complementary base pairings.

10. What enzyme is required for DNA replication?

11. What molecules form the backbone of a DNA molecule?

12. What type of molecules does the genetic code in DNA produce?

13. Identify three differences between DNA and RNA.

14. What is the role of mRNA?

15. What is transcription?

16. What is translation?

17. What does it mean to say the genetic code is unambiguous?

18. What role is performed by transfer RNA?

19. If a DNA strand is represented by the bases: A-C-T-G-G-C what are the bases that will be included in the replicated strand?

20. If a DNA strand is A-C-T-G-G-C, what is the base representation that will be produced by transcription?

21. If a messenger RNA molecule is U-C-A-A-C-G what will be the tRNA molecule?

22. What are the steps in translation?

23. Where in the cell does transcription occur?

24. What three types of gene regulation that are present in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells?

25. In a prokaryotic cell what are the elements of an operon?

26. Define a gene mutation.

27. Identify two causes of gene mutations.

28. Explain the difference between a point mutation and a frameshift mutation.

29. What are the three deadliest forms of cancer in the United States?

30. What is the relationship between tumor suppressor genes and oncogenes in the development of cancer?


You wish to build a house along a meandering river.  Should it be built on the outside bend of the river or the inside bend?  Why?  If the meander was cut off to straighten the river, do you believe it would negatively impact your neighbors downstream?  Why or why not

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