Global H2o organization

the presentation is about the Global H20 organization. The main source is website Besides that, you can research for more information about this organization at other sources as long as they are related to this organization, and provide information about this organization.

The presentation include 3 parts

Introducttion, body, and conclusion.

Introduction should show out why this organization is important .

The presentation must include history, founder, the specific organization, details about organization, events, value, mission, the activities.

The summary page is consider outline for the presentation. It looks like the following;


Follow the Motivated Sequence provided.

I. Attention – notes/means on how to get your audience’s attention

II. Need – why does this audience need to listen to you

III. Proposition – what your speech/presentation is about

IV. Satisfaction – the easy part – this part of your outline contains all the ideas, facts,

figures, and points your speech contains

V. Conclusion – summarize what you told

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